Friday, March 20, 2009

An Introductory Post.

I am going to keep a blog with quick reviews of things I read. Warning: a lot of this reading, at least until May (barring the slim possibility that I manage to get my life under control before that point), will be things I read in class and particularly like or dislike, and things from newspapers/magazines, with the occasional book I read for fun thrown in.

I will also probably take the liberty of telling you what music you should download.

And I might mention movies every so often, but most of them will be like this: "I was watching IFC today while I was pretending to study for Astronomy, and this movie came on with so-and-so in it and it kind of sucked."

Anyway, this is largely for myself, because I don't remember things that I don't put down on paper (literal paper/fake interweb paper) and because things I read are particularly important things to me, but if you want to read it and leave comments with your own thoughts on these things or recommendations or whatever pops into your mind, I'm not stopping you.

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