Sunday, April 19, 2009

White Teeth; a playlist.

I haven't read anything non-academic since spring break apart from reading Zadie Smith's White Teeth twice, and I love that book far too much to review it objectively. Seriously, just read it. I have nothing negative to say-- I finished it, then immediately turned to page one and started re-reading it. That's how wonderful it is. I mean, if you are not as obsessed with families, religious pluralism, the fact that technology is taking over the world, and interactions between minority groups as well as between the minority and the majority, then you might not fall in love with it. But you also probably don't enjoy me very much and aren't reading this blog in the first place.

Because of my non-reading-ness (it will be so much better in four weeks, everybody), I've started to reorganize my iTunes and make playlists in order to more sufficiently calm myself down. I mean, what else would someone do when they are overwhelmed with the amount of legitimate things that must be accomplished in a limited amount of time?

Today, I realized that I have officially entered cabin fever mode. So, of course, I had to make a mixtape in honor of this-- particularly because I have not been listening to music that does this mood justice. I mean, don't get me wrong. I love Andrew Bird and Fleet Foxes and Feist, but they do not sound like this I-want-to-bust-out-of-my-own-skin-or-if-I-can't-do-that-I-want-to-drive-around-with-the-windows-down-listening-to-fab-music feeling I have going on whenever Wisconsin weather is in that weird spring-summer transition.

Note: It is currently a very dreary day today. But we used to be in that awkward warm transition phase, and I have the sunburned nose to prove it.

So, here is the tracklist of the CD that I listen to so I feel less inclined to bolt to California without leaving a trace behind so I can be in the warmth and not in Astronomy lab. Some of them are random, some are probably overplayed in the radio, which I would know if I listened to it.

1. Charlotte Martin, "Veins"
2. Dr. Dog, "Hang On"
3. Tegan and Sara, "Back in Your Head"
4. Lily Allen, "The Fear (Stonebridge Remix)"
5. Architecture in Helsinki, "Like It or Not (Version 2)"
6. Kate Nash, "Mouthwash"
7. Phoenix, "1901"
8. De Novo Dahl, "Shout"
9. Kings of Leon, "Sex on Fire"
10. Arcade Fire, "Rebellion (Lies)"
11. Broken Social Scene, "7/4 (Shoreline)"
[I just realized how many parentheses are in this tracklist. I love parenthetical statements, so this is appropriate.]
12. MGMT, "Kids"
13. The Ting Tings, "Shut Up and Let Me Go"
14. Nada Surf, "Blankest Year"
15. Stars, "Reunion"
16. Metric, "Gimme Sympathy"
17. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Hysteric"

I promise I'll update this more frequently and more substantially when I have time to read things that are not listed on syllabi.

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  1. want to sendspace this to me? i would love you so much. because i'm missing a few tracks. three mixtapes are going to be in the mail for you soooooon.